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Spirits : from Cognac to Pisco.


Brandy made in France is produce over two regions in Western France : Charente-Maritime and Charente. To this day Ugni Blanc remains the dominant variety but also Colombard, Folle blanche… The process of making a Cognac starts out with the pressing of the white grapes and followed by 5-7 day fermentation period. After the distillation of white wines and a long barrel ageing we can finally taste an exquisite Cognac.

Production area:

Charente- Maritime
Deux Sèvres and Dordogne 


Pisco is the national peruvian spirit  and produced in the Pisco Region even though is also produced in Chile. Like Cognac we obtain a pisco after the fermentation of white grapes but without the barrel aeging period. With a potential alcohol degree of 30° to 40° it is used to make the famous peruvian cocktail “Pisco Sour”. It is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) that is part of the port of Pisco founded by the spaniards in 1551. With grape varietals arriving shortly after from the Canary Islands and landed in the port of Pisco. The main grape varieties are : quebranta, mollar, negra criolla, uvina, albilla, italia, torontel and moscatel.